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As a woman, we all love to have smooth, beautiful and silky legs, but at the same time, we all know just how difficult that can be. If your armpit always gets irritated after using those traditional razors and your skin is overly sensitive, going for an electric razor for women may be one of the most sensible things you could do today.

Most of these gadgets are sleek, lightweight, feature rich and they help you stay groomed and beautiful without any effort. If you are convinced this is something you would want to try, here are top electric razors for women with some of the areas they are well suited for.

They have been tested, tried and if what the customers are saying about them is anything to go by, it is evident; these have managed to live true to their features.

1. Panasonic Close Curves Dry/Wet Shaver (Legs)

Panasonic Close Curves Shaver
Panasonic Close Curves Shaver

For ladies who are looking for a clean and smooth shave on their legs, Panasonic Close Curves Dry/Wet Shaver for Intimate Areas is definitely what they should be buying next. It comes with 4 floating, pivoting heads that are designed to give you the best results.

Besides, as an electric shaver, this gadget scores high masks for being constructed with nickel-free hypo allergenic blade and foils. It is waterproof and holds a charge well and takes unbelievable 12 hours on charger for 20 minutes shaving time.

2. Braun Silk-epil FG1100 Bikini Electric Styler, Shaver and Trimmer (Private areas)

Braun Silk-epil FG1100
Braun Silk-epil FG1100

This is one of the most popular shaving tools for women out there. This shaver offering does everything it promises to do, and come fully complete with ton of customizing attachments and features that will get the job done.

If you have been struggling to keep things clean down there, and you no looking for a feminine-looking precision shaving tool specifically designed for styling the bikini line, then look no further for this amazing tool will do most of the work that is needed down there. I have personally tried this model, and I loved what it could do.

3. Philips HP6378 Bikini Deluxe Trimmer (Face)

Philips HP6378
Philips HP6378

As with Panasonic Close Curves Dry/Wet Shaver for Intimate Areas this tool does great job down there, however, it comes second to none when it comes trimming your face. It comes with a number of excellent attachments that can help you with your eyebrows.

In addition, it also comes with a precision trimmer that allows you to groom yourself comfortably and to your exact specification; it also comes with a precision comb which allows you select one of the five settings to pick the length you would like your hair to be.

Besides, this model is one of the best good looking shaving tools you could lay your hands on today.

4. Remington WDF-3600 (Sensitive skin)

While most of these gadgets have been designed to be used by anyone with even people with sensitive skins, if you have a very sensitive skin and you want an electric razor that will not give you problems, Remington WDF-3600 is all you need.

Some of its notable features include; a smooth trimmer with Nano silver which reduces irritation. Plus, this electric shaver shaves almost close as close as a shaving safety razor and does not in any way irritate your skin, especially in those sensitive areas.

As if that is not even enough; you got to love an electric shaver that cleans itself hygienically. Its filter and cleaning solution work hand in hand to clean shaver after every use.

5. Panasonic ES-ED90 P Shaver and Epilator ( Armpit)

While this shaver can put up a perfect job in almost every part of the body, it is well suited for underarm. It comes with a gentle epilator cap which allows you to lower the pain level as you get rid of hair in very sensitive areas, especially under the arms.

It seems making this tool the best for underarms was not even enough for the designers. It also comes with a shaver head, a bikini comb for biking lines and a pedicure buffer. So when you will not be trimming your armpits, you could be using it to take care of things down there. At the end, the kind of flexibility this model comes with makes it a complete trimming , shaving and epilation system. This electric razor for women is worth checking out.

What’s Better : Foil Shaver vs. Rotary Shaver

First let’s understand the definition of both.

A foil shaver is protected by way of a relatively large, curved rectangle of metal with a pattern of holes that arrange hair for efficient cutting. Underneath are some blades that vibrate right and left (or forth and back, if you prefer).

foil shaver vs rotary shaver
foil shaver vs rotary shaver

A rotary shaver houses a number of round heads (usually 3 to 5) covering that variety of rotating blades. Now coming over the difference considering various parameters of shaving.

Closeness : Foil shaver wins

It’s not universally true, although many foils do give a closer shave than many rotary models. One reason it’s true a number of the time owes less for the rectangle-vs-circle aspect than other facets of the shaver’s design.

Speed (Time taken) : Rotary wins

Good foil model will probably have got a high vibration rate, up to 14,000 cycles a minute as an example. Some rotaries do possess a high rotation rate but it’s less common. That’s as likely as a result of cost (and the quality) just like any inherent advantage.


It’s just much easier to create a more efficient pattern inside a relatively large curved rectangle compared to a fairly small, thin disc . That hole pattern frequently includes three different opening types.

  1. One type is often a short slit,
  2. another a rounder hole, and
  3. a third a (relatively) wide, long slot.

There’s a lot of variation from one model to another, needless to say, but in general that’s the most popular pattern.

The effect is the fact that hairs of numerous lengths can be more effectively lifted, pulled up slightly (and comfortably) and whacked off near the skin.

Contour : Rotary

Another significant design aspect that distinguishes a foil shaver from the rotary is definitely the overall shape of the covering. But that shape features a big impact on closeness in such a way not discussed. It influences where you can go and how easily.

Foil vs. Rotary Shaver

You are able to certainly get yourself a foil under and above your chin effortlessly. However you can’t get around the fact that a rotary is both smaller and shaped in a fashion that allows better access to all those natural crannies and curves of the face (or underarms, legs, and elsewhere, if used as ladies do).

The jawline near your ear, or perhaps the area surrounding a really curved chin, is actually more accessible via a small disc than by a big rectangle. Foil designs could (and often do, partly) flex around those curves. But here the rotary comes with an inherent advantage, and most designs make good use of it.

Cutting Location and Style : Rotary is better

There are other aspects to shaving, though, than merely a detailed (or even comfortable) shave. For guys specifically, you often wish to trim sideburns or even a mustache, or perhaps the edges of the beard. When women use an electric they often desire to trim pubic hair, where getting close ? but not too close ? is essential too.

rotary shaver
rotary shaver

For the, a foil shaver clearly offers a big native advantage. Natural straight type of a foil can make it quicker to make a straight line on the bottom of the sideburn or follow the type of a beard underneath the jaw.

Still, a rotary can eliminate any advantage here simply by including a trimmer, as numerous do. In fact, whether foil or rotary, those trimmers invariably do a better job in those situations compared to main shaver itself. That’s the things they’re put there for, all things considered.

Maintenance : Foil wins

Here, the foil possesses an inherent advantage which is not easily overcome. Popping off the head in the rectangular unit and holding it is typically near effortless. Blowing or perhaps rinsing is a breeze unless the head is really poorly designed you need to struggle unduly.

foil shaver
foil shaver

Having said that, it’s also usually simple to remove the head/foil covering the blades of any rotary model. Sometimes it’s too easy, that makes the rotary much less advantageous in this region.

If you shave and clean in the shower, where they are able to too easily make their way down the sink, It’s a lot easier to get rid of that little disc, especially.

Inside my experience, foil units generally have a cleaner which is a little much easier to use, even if they’re no better in terms of vibration or cleansing solution. It’s typically easier , quicker, more stable to place a rectangular shaver upside-down in a cleaner.

Even here I can’t make a broad statement without qualification, however. It all depends in the specific models and the only way to compare fairly is case by case. Some rotaries have excellent cleaners both when it comes to easy quality and use of result.


After all which it isn’t tough to see for the question of which is better between foil and rotary shaver. Every model of either type is exclusive, despite having much in common. Every face (leg, or underarm) is different.

So, whether you evaluate them in terms of closeness, comfort and coverage, or maintenance, there’s only one thing you can truthfully say about which performs better — all of it depends. Or, in other words, it boils down to personal preference.

Tips on Best Electric Razors and 4 Recommendations 2016

Why choose electric razors over conventional non-electric shavers? Unlike razor blades, electric razors are are great for traveling due to their convenient and comfortable features. Also, due to their high speed, electric razors obviously give a quicker shaving than razor blades.

electric razor

Most of them can give a closer shave whether the face is wet or dry. and the razors take shorter time to shave due to their speed hence they are ideal for use anywhere, everywhere and anytime you need a touch-up even in the office.

What to consider for your new electric razor

The following are some of the factors you should consider when buying your best electric razor of any type.  It is important to look at the features because:

  • Some electric razors are more difficult to clean than others.
  • Some have the ability to give a close shave whether your skin is wet or dry.
  • Some electric razors have built-in trimmers for careful hair maintenance.

Battery Life

  • charging speed
  • The total length of time the battery charge will last.

best electric razors

  • The intensity and extent of shaving. The more the shaving, the longer it takes to shave hence your need for longer lasting battery.
  • Some batteries’ charges take a shorter time than others and obviously the long lasting one would be the best option.


Electronic gadgets could have manufacturing defects hence and it is important that you ensure that the warranty is over 2 years for anything less is a gamble. Good electric work well up to 10 years hence you must look out for a safe warranty.

Here is top 4 electric razors for men in 2016

1. Panasonic ES-LA 63-S

Panasonic ES-LA 63-S This electric razor has water-tight design, Arc 4 blade technology including hypoallergenic, nano tech foil blades that cut at 30-degree angle, Multiplex enables electric razor to glide along your face and motor blades spinning at 14000 cpm(cuts per minute).

  • Allows you to shave without cream or water
  • Allows both wet and dry shaving
  • Has four blades, pivoting head, an LCD screen and a charge indicator
  • Has long lasting Lithium ion battery that allows 45 minutes run before another charge.

2. Philips Norelco 1290X

Philips Norelco 1290XThis razor has rotary head that makes it easier and convenient to save, and  battery lasts for 60 minutes before requiring another charge.

This makes it the most ideal razor to travel with for this would get you through with shaving for about 20 days.

The razor has mobile shaving heads with a special coating that helps them glide through your face without pulling out hair. It has a power control system to help you observe the remaining charges.

3. Braun CT 5cc

This has a ceramic element between foils of shaving head that leaves a cool tough to the shaven area. It has lithium ion battery that lasts for 45 minutes without using the cooling feature. This also has a base unit used both for charging and cleaning.

Braun CT 5cc and Remington R 8150

4. Remington R 8150

  • Has a handle with plenty of grip
  • 90 minute charging lasts up to one hour.
  • LCD display to life of the battery and has a quick charge feature
  • Has interchangeable heads and several trimmer guide combs and has Lithium ion battery which when fully charged lasts for about 2 hours.