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Tips on Best Electric Razors and 4 Recommendations 2016

Why choose electric razors over conventional non-electric shavers? Unlike razor blades, electric razors are are great for traveling due to their convenient and comfortable features. Also, due to their high speed, electric razors obviously give a quicker shaving than razor blades.

electric razor

Most of them can give a closer shave whether the face is wet or dry. and the razors take shorter time to shave due to their speed hence they are ideal for use anywhere, everywhere and anytime you need a touch-up even in the office.

What to consider for your new electric razor

The following are some of the factors you should consider when buying your best electric razor of any type.  It is important to look at the features because:

  • Some electric razors are more difficult to clean than others.
  • Some have the ability to give a close shave whether your skin is wet or dry.
  • Some electric razors have built-in trimmers for careful hair maintenance.

Battery Life

  • charging speed
  • The total length of time the battery charge will last.

best electric razors

  • The intensity and extent of shaving. The more the shaving, the longer it takes to shave hence your need for longer lasting battery.
  • Some batteries’ charges take a shorter time than others and obviously the long lasting one would be the best option.


Electronic gadgets could have manufacturing defects hence and it is important that you ensure that the warranty is over 2 years for anything less is a gamble. Good electric work well up to 10 years hence you must look out for a safe warranty.

Here is top 4 electric razors for men in 2016

1. Panasonic ES-LA 63-S

Panasonic ES-LA 63-S This electric razor has water-tight design, Arc 4 blade technology including hypoallergenic, nano tech foil blades that cut at 30-degree angle, Multiplex enables electric razor to glide along your face and motor blades spinning at 14000 cpm(cuts per minute).

  • Allows you to shave without cream or water
  • Allows both wet and dry shaving
  • Has four blades, pivoting head, an LCD screen and a charge indicator
  • Has long lasting Lithium ion battery that allows 45 minutes run before another charge.

2. Philips Norelco 1290X

Philips Norelco 1290XThis razor has rotary head that makes it easier and convenient to save, and  battery lasts for 60 minutes before requiring another charge.

This makes it the most ideal razor to travel with for this would get you through with shaving for about 20 days.

The razor has mobile shaving heads with a special coating that helps them glide through your face without pulling out hair. It has a power control system to help you observe the remaining charges.

3. Braun CT 5cc

This has a ceramic element between foils of shaving head that leaves a cool tough to the shaven area. It has lithium ion battery that lasts for 45 minutes without using the cooling feature. This also has a base unit used both for charging and cleaning.

Braun CT 5cc and Remington R 8150

4. Remington R 8150

  • Has a handle with plenty of grip
  • 90 minute charging lasts up to one hour.
  • LCD display to life of the battery and has a quick charge feature
  • Has interchangeable heads and several trimmer guide combs and has Lithium ion battery which when fully charged lasts for about 2 hours.